If y0u have been on the fence regarding Hitlery Clinton’s mental state, this spectacle on national TV should clearly leave you leaning in the direction of the woman needing a white coat with one sleeve and a room with padded walls.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper, the Wicked Witch of Benghazi demonstrated her “alternate nostril” breathing technique, which I presume she learned after years of watching Bill do it with a mirror and a $100 bill rolled into a straw.

After her alternate nostril breathing demonstration, Hitlery declared, “I can only say, based on my personal experience, that if you’re sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat and you’re doing it (no, not that), and you’re really trying to inhale, and hold it, and then have a long exhale, it is VERY relaxing.”

I wonder if Hitlery’s alternate nostril breathing is related to her alternate eye gazing, where she is staring straight into the camera, when one eye starts drifting afield, apparently in search of something.