By Thomas Madison

H/T The Gateway Pundit

State Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien (R) was on hand and in the audience of a Hitlery rally in New Hampshire yesterday. She questioned the Wicked Witch of Benghazi three times on the sexual harassment/abuse/assault history of her husband, Slick Willie, who Hitlery not only supported wholeheartedly throughout the many allegations of his sexual misbehavior and marital infidelity, but even played an active role in trying to quash the “bimbo eruptions.”

Now intelligent women everywhere are questioning her self-proclaimed firm stand on womens’ rights since she helped her husband get away with allegedly sexually assaulting many women on many occasions, to include forcible rape accusations.

Hitlery ignored Ms. Prudhomme-O’Brien the first two times she stood up and launched questions at her. The third time she spun and in her famously indignant tone, said, “you are very rude and I am never going to call on you.”

This issue is very important to Ms. Prudhomme-O’Brien because she is a rape survivor herself. It changed her entire outlook on life, including her political beliefs. Because of Slick Willie’s apparent abuse of women, she abandoned the Democrat Party years ago for the GOP.

A CNN reporter asked, “Why is this important to you?” Without hesitation Ms. Prudhomme-O’Brien replied, “Because I am a rape survivor myself.”

Poor Hitlery, running for president, running from Benghazi, running from a horrid record as Secretary of State, running from Trey Gowdy, and now running from her husband’s lewd legacy.