So, Hitlery followers, I have a few questions for you….

  1. What the fuck is the matter with you!?
  2. Do you really intend to pull the lever for this unstable, corrupt, nasty, criminal bitch?
  3. Really?

Here, watch this video of Hitlery, onstage, at a rally. At the :07 mark she spots someone in the crowd, I don’t know, Satan, or the ghost of Vince Foster, maybe, and totally freaks out. Her eyes widen and she is frozen, unable to speak. She can’t take her eyes off of whoever it is and can only stare, unable to say a word.

Then an individual I have never noticed before, her new handler or whatever, rushes to the stage to help her. Secret Service agents, whose job it is to protect the Wicked Witch of Benghazi, jump in to see that she is OK. The new guy, whoever he is, pushes the Secret Service agents away, who defer, as the new guy whispers to Hitlery, “keep talking.”

As she recovers, the Wicked Witch begins to laugh her weird Phyllis Diller laugh, ¬†and proclaims loudly into the microphone, “OK, here we are.” Hitlery begins to laugh, then freezes once more, speechless, and the new handler guy again whispers, “Keep talking, keep talking.”

“OK, we’ll keep talking,” declares Hitlery as she fumbles through the remainder of her talk (can’t hardly call it a speech).

“Bizarre” is far too mild a term to describe this Hitlery meltdown.

Who did Hitlery see?

An FBI agent dangling a pair of handcuffs
The ghost of Christopher Stevens
Monica Lewinsky, nude, on Slick Willie’s shoulders
Satan, come to collect

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