Now, someone, anyone, tell me that this woman isn’t very, very sick!¬†Another day, another “medical episode” for the Wicked Witch of Benghazi.

In this episode the Wicked Witch is standing on the street after having left the 9/11 ceremony early, apparently not feeling well.

Standing on the curb awaiting her van, which appears to the same van equipped with a wheelchair lift, the Wicked Witch, surrounded by her security detail, begins to waver side to side, and apparently is unable to move forward, as her knees buckle, then buckle again as she apparently tries to take a step.

Realizing she is in serious need of help Hitlery’s security detail rush in and grab her, but not before she collapses.

They drag her to the van and stuff her deplorable ass into the back seat, then whisk her away, leaving one of her shoes in the street.

At the :54 mark you can clearly see the bottom of the Wicked Witch’s shoes and tell that she is on her knees and being dragged to the van. (No, that was not a Lewinsky maneuver. Hitlery is seriously ill.)

By the way, the temperature was a beautiful 84 degrees, to counter the argument that it was heat exhaustion that some of Hitlery’s usual suspect apologists are trying to make.