H/T Joe LaVeque

I wasn’t ROTF, but I was definitely LMFAO!

Watch this gutsy Trump supporter walk into the witch’s lair, a Hitlery for President campaign office in Delaware, Ohio, where a scheduled door-knocking community volunteer event is about to take place.

Proudly announcing that he is a Trump supporter, he asks where the volunteers are who are going to attend this door-knocking event, and is told, “You’re it!”

He then laughs and toys with them, asking, “I was just wondering how it’s going to feel to lose to Donald Trump?”

“I thought Hillary had ground game,” he teases. “Where’s it at? Where’s it at?”

“You can take the sarcasm someplace else,” declares one staff flunky. “We try to be really nice with people.”

“Well, you’re supporting a criminal,” he replies.

“We love you but we have stuff to do,” another office flunky declares, to which the Trump supporter responds, “It doesn’t look like it!” Hilarious!

I imagine that this Hitlery campaign office is representative of her campaign offices across the country – as beat, as tired, as hopeless as the candidate herself!