It would take at least a backhoe to separate Hitlery from a pile of money. Yet, something separated the Wicked Witch from a pile of North Carolina money when she cancelled her “Pay to see the Queen” fundraising event in Chapel Hill, or as she called it, “Lunch with Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

This wasn’t one of those posh Hollywood $250,000 a plate affairs, but rather more in line with Main Street tastes and budgets. There were four scheduled contribution levels….

  1. $100,000, which featured a “chair reception” with Hitlery.
  2. $33,000, which included a “host reception” with Hitlery.
  3. $5,000, which included “preferred seating.”
  4. And $2,700 for a lawn chair on the sidewalk outside. An extra $200 bought the donor a bologna sandwich and a Mountain Dew.

The first rumor to make the rounds is that Hitlery is really sick again and can’t be seen in public. However, we know that is bologna (no pun intended, Donor Level 4), as Hitlery’s doc just lied gave the Wicked Witch a clean bill of health, despite many medical experts’ corroborating reports of  obvious and serious neurological damage. I have no idea what they are seeing. Hitlery looks fine to me….

Here’s another angle. Could it be that Hitlery is throwing in the towel? She has had every imaginable challenge, from medical to legal to having to practically pay people to listen to her shriek speak for ten minutes. And now Donald Trump is climbing in the polls while her own poll trajectory can best be described as a nosedive.

I truly expect the Wicked Witch to call it quits any day now. The reason for my speculation is the very bad news just coming out regarding her IT “pro” (yeah, right), Paul Combetta, who set up her private, unsecure server and email system, and who has been outed as an incompetent buffoon who sought instructions in the wide-open, public social media universe regarding how to alter/destroy evidence in the case. Brilliant!

Mr. Combetta enjoys immunity from prosecution…. for the time being. However, he has also pleaded the Fifth, which is not exactly being cooperative with the prosecution as surely his immunity contract would require. Thus, it seems that his immunity could be revoked. The next “however” is the granting authority of the immunity – DOJ. Will Loretta Lynch revoke Combetta’s immunity? Who knows?

So, I see Hitlery and her posse holed up in the War Room, strategizing, trying to figure a way out of this most recent mess. Maybe throwing in the towel is the only way out. Or, who knows, maybe she is just sick.

This is like watching a high stakes episode of Perry Mason, except it is very real.