By Thomas Madison

Hitlery may be making the biggest mistake of her miserable life (aside from marrying Slick Willie). She has found it politically expedient to attack Donald Trump on charges of racism, regarding his “schlonged” comment.

I reckon Hitlery is not exactly a history buff, even history so recent as to still be “current events.” The world has watched as Donald Trump was attacked by Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry, George Pataki, Jeb Bush, et al (may their political careers rest in peace).

Simply not smart on the part of a serial sexist and his insignificant other. There is enough “sexism” dirt between the Clintons to fill every football stadium in America, and The Donald will not the least bit shy about dumping it all over the Clintons.

Why would Hitlery make such a stupid move? Because she’s STUPID!

From Conservative Base

The Democratic heir apparent to the U.S. Presidency, Hillary Clinton said in an interview last week that Donald Trump has “a penchant for sexism” after the billionaire said she “got schlonged” in losing to then-Sen. Barack Obama in 2008.

“It’s not the first time he’s demonstrated a penchant for sexism. I’m not sure anybody’s surprised that he keeps pushing the envelope,” she told a reporter from the Des Moines Register newspaper while she campaigned in Iowa.

Trump has warned Clinton several times to “be careful as you play the war on women or women being degraded card.” Most observers believe Trump was alluding to Hillary’s attack on women who came forward to complain about Bill Clinton’s boorish treatment of them, including one woman who swore he raped her.

Trump’s campaign also claimed that the Democratic front-runner bullied women to hide her husband’s “sexist secrets.” It was discovered during the Clinton administration that Hillary had created a “war room” to get as many women as possible to fear retribution if they came forward.

For example, Kathleen Willey was allegedly sexually assaulted and when she came forward the news media treated her shabbily because of their devotion for the Clintons. Ms. Willey said she believed that she was harassed by a private investigator whom Hillary Clinton’s “Bimbo Eruptions” committee hired. Those involved allegedly included attorney and Clinton goon Lanny Davis, campaign operative James Carville, and others.

Even recently, the Conservative Base’s Jim Kouri uncovered information that Bill Clinton — the liberals’ great hero of sorts — was accused of having sexual relations with young girls at a rich man’s island paradise.

An American lawyer accused of having sex with underage girls in the same case as British Prince Andrew, had begun legal action in early 2015 in an attempt to clear his name, but was asked to drop the lawsuit by former President Bill Clinton so as not to taint the presidential campaign of his wife, Hillary Clinton. A former police detective lieutenant, who now runs a private investigations and security firm, told the Law Enforcement Examiner on Tuesday that one of the world’s most famous attorneys is being pressured to drop any legal action against women who accused him of being a sexual predator of young girls.

The private eye, who requested anonymity, claims he was hired by the defenders of the now 31-year-old Veronica Roberts to assist in the lawsuit against celebrity attorney and former Harvard Law School professor, Alan Dershowitz. The lawsuit claims that Roberts’ assertions that Dershowitz had sexual relations with underage girls at the island paradise of multi-billionaire Jeffrey Epstein when Miss Roberts was a teenager of 15 or 16 are categorically untrue.

The young woman at the center of a sex scandal the news media paragons go out of their way to avoid covering. Male reporters are said to giggle like schoolgirls when near Bill Clinton.
The young woman at the center of a sex scandal the news media paragons go out of their way to avoid covering. Male reporters are said to giggle like schoolgirls when near Bill Clinton.

“The last thing Bill and Hillary Clinton want Americans thinking about is the image of their own teenage female children being pawed at by the likes of filthy rich, powerfully well-connected people such as ‘Slick Willie,’ Prince Andrew, and the self-righteous, protector of women’s rights, Alan Dershowitz,” said the private investigator.

According to the Los Angeles and Chicago based private eye, who is a former decorated cop, the U.S. news media are also doing their part to downplay the “orgy island” story so that the financial contributions made by news executives to the now infamous Clinton Foundation remain private. “The truth is that the higher-ups at top news outlets donated millions of dollars to the Clinton organization despite the fact that only $0.15 out of each dollar is used for charitable causes. These hypocrites in the news media know darn well the foundation is really a Clinton slush fund,” he said. “Not only that, but the Clinton Foundation is a great place to ‘park’ their minions who will be unleashed during Hillary’s presidential run,” he added.

Dershowitz said that the accusations made by Miss Roberts and two other women, who were also underage Epstein girls staying on what came to be known as “orgy island,” are all lies. In fact, the revered liberal-left lawyer had filed a motion in a Florida court to disprove what he called “absolutely outrageous claims.”

While Bill Clinton isn’t mentioned in the legal papers, British royal family member Prince Andrew and Dershowitz are named in court papers related to the criminal case against Epstein, who was indicted for having arranged to provide underage girls to have sex with his friends and acquaintances. However, Clinton’s name is on the flight manifest that’s required by law.

The Harvard don, who wrote a book about his most famous case — the Claus von Bulow trial — that became an Oscar-winning film (“Reversal of Fortune’), has entered a legal motion to have his name removed from all of the accusatory documents, which allege that both he and Prince Andrew had sexual relations with the supposed 15-year-old Virginia Roberts and other teen beauties.

Miss Roberts, who said she slept with a number of guests, claims that the former U.S. Commander in Chief visited Epstein’s sexual-fantasy island. While she is quick to admit she did not have sex with him, she insinuated that other youngsters her age were provided to Bill Clinton by Epstein.

Virginia Roberts has repeatedly stated that the ultra-wealthy Epstein turned her into a child “sex slave” and has told reporters that Jeffrey Epstein forced her and other teens to have sex with his powerful guests. She said that while she never had sexual relations with Bill Clinton, he did stay in one of the many villas on the estate, where sex orgies were a regular activity.

The stunningly beautiful woman asserts that she was involved in group sex with Epstein, Prince Andrew, as well as eight other teen girls. And she did call Epstein “a pimp for his prominent pals” and that he would brag about gathering information on people such as Bill Clinton is case he needed to blackmail them later, Roberts alleged in a new affidavit. “Epstein required me to describe the sexual events that I had with these men, presumably so that he could potentially blackmail them,” she added.