Poor Hitlery. Life is a shit sandwich for her lately, and every day is a bigger bite. With Guccifer, the Russians, the FBI, and Wikileaks outing her more and more on a daily basis, she spends all of her time on defense, attempting to stomp out one forest fire after another. No wonder she needs all that rest.

Her latest travail involves the letter “C” which had found its way onto many of the emails that have been turned over to the FBI. It turns out the “C” is for “Classified” or “Confidential,” depending on who you talk to.

Hitlery has disavowed any knowledge of what the “C” on the emails meant, and I think she is being honest this time. In fact I found an old photo that should clear the whole thing up. It was simply a misunderstanding. Hitlery obviously thought the “C” was a personal greeting.

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