Former NFL superstar running back Herschel Walker admits that he was blacklisted by organizations from speaking engagements due to his support for Donald Trump.

Walker, a legendary professional football star, commented that he has “known Donald (since) before he became The Donald,” and that Trump is clearly not a racist.

In an interview with TMZ, Walker declared, “Just because you build a wall does not mean you’re a racist.”

According to Breitbart, “Walker also said he won’t stop supporting Trump because the presumptive GOP nominee is the best man for the White House.”

From Breitbart

NFL Great Herschel Walker was one of the early Trump supporters out of the gate but now he says he is losing speaking gigs by anti-Trumpers who are blackballing him.

Walker, a running back for such teams as the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys, recently told gossip site TMZ he has had multiple speaking engagements canceled because hosts say they are worried he’ll attract anti-Trump protestors.

The retired football player was one of the celebrity contestants on season eight of Trump’s reality TV show The Apprentice which aired in 2009 and has been a big fan of the real estate mogul ever since.

Walker wouldn’t tell the gossip site what events nixed his speaking slots, but he said that event sponsors in California specifically noted he was axed because of his support for Trump.

Walker also said he won’t stop supporting Trump because the presumptive GOP nominee is the best man for the White House.

In fact, only days ago Walker was asked about Trump’s rhetoric and Walker insisted he didn’t see anything racist in the GOP front runner’s speeches.

In an interview with NBC Sports Walker dismissed any chance that Trump was a racist.

I’ve seen [Trump] around people, I don’t know where he says those outlandish, crazy things. And people say that he’s racist. But I’ve never seen anything that [made me] consider Donald is a racist. Because of the things – he’s said those outlandish things about building a wall – that doesn’t mean you’re racist when you say things like that.

“I know for a fact that Donald Trump, who’s best for the job in those positions, is gonna be there to do it,” Walker said of Trump. “It ain’t gonna be about Republican-Democratic. With him, it’s going to be about who’s best for that job”