By Thomas Madison

Watch Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News rip Hitlery a new exhaust port, finding her guilty of multiple high crimes and misdemeanors.

It is amazing that this woman is not in prison already, let alone running for President of the United States, and as incomprehensible as it seems, leading the Democrat field, which should tell you everything you need to know about the ethics, intelligence, and character of Democrat voters.

From Fox News’ “Justice” w/ Judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine asked why Clinton wiped her server clean before handing it over to investigators. Judge Jeanine also wondered if Clinton delayed that process so she could get rid of all of the evidence

“If you did, it’s called obstruction and tampering. And, by the way, I don’t know what took the FBI so long to try to get it,” Judge Jeanine said. “But, Hillary, if that server has been scrubbed so clean that even FBI experts cannot reconstruct your emails, that tells me you did everything you possibly could to prevent anyone from knowing what you were doing while you were our secretary of state.”

“My verdict, based on the evidence, is guilty.”

Watch Judge Jeanine’s remarks above and read the transcript below.

Tonight my opening, a little different.

Come along with me as I track the facts of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

At the end I believe you will agree there is evidence she violated the law, and she cannot and must not become president of the United States.

So Hillary decides to conduct State Department business not on “” but on a personal email in her Westchester home. The reason? Convenience. Why carry all those pesky Blackberrys?

Has she been truthful?

Fact: January 2009. Confirmed as Secretary of State, she is responsible for making and preserving State Department records. The federal records act of 1950. A few months later, the regulations updated – requiring that if someone uses a non-agency email, they must ensure they are preserved. CFR-1236 Point 22.

Fact: Nine days after the Benghazi attack in 2012, congress seeks all information related to that attack. Nothing is handed over by her or the state department.

Fact: While the state department is receiving thousands of FOIA requests by the courts, the press and citizens like you, State Department lawyers swear there’s nothing of Hillary’s to provide and took no steps to preserve or ask for records.

Fact: Congressman and ex-US attorney subpoenas Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi documents. She even denies she was subpoenaed.

Hillary denies there are any Benghazi emails.

In spite of photos showing her using her Blackberry on the way to Libya. When Hillary’s friend Sidney Blumenthal complies with his subpoena, he produces several Benghazi related emails with Hillary, putting truth to the lie that she had none.

Hillary now in panic mode.

She with her aides goes through more than 61 thousand emails– deleting 31 thousand she says are personal. Of the 30 thousand she hands over, she says there is no classified information.

But the inspector general says in a sampling of just 40 emails, four contained classified information.

Her defense? They weren’t marked classified–nothing to see here folks, move along.

The truth? They couldn’t be marked classified because by not using government servers, she actually prevented the government from reviewing her emails. Had she done so, they would have been seen as classified and she would not have been able to hit send.

Did Hillary Clinton make a false statement when she appeared before congress and said there was no classified information on her emails? Which Cheryl Mills confirmed in a letter to a federal judge. If this is a lie, it’s a violation of 18 USC 1001.

This week, it’s revealed the marking top secret in an email including satellite locations and drones had been removed before it was sent to Hillary.

More panic.

The inner circle — Huma Abedin and lawyer Cheryl Mills — all three communicating via the private server-have their emails subpoenaed. Did one of them remove the marking? And if so-why? Are they co-conspirators in this elaborate effort to prevent government records from being captured?

And why was Huma Abedin paid by the state department, a Clinton connected company, and the Clinton foundation? Was that trio on the same server to provide plausible deniability to Hillary so she could raise hundreds of millions of dollars through her so-called not for profit Clinton foundation?

If Hillary made classified information available to a person not entitled to receive it in a manner detrimental to the United States, it’s a federal class a felony under 18USC-798.

If Hillary kept classified information at an unauthorized location, she has committed a misdemeanor under 18USC-1924–the statute used to prosecute General Petraeus.

Some argue there was no intent. Then why did she issue a warning to all State Department employees to not conduct State Department business on personal emails?

If there was no intent, why did she refuse to allow inspector generals with oversight into the State Department. Forget intent. It is a federal crime to negligently handle classified information. 18USC-1924.

And finally Hillary why did you wipe your server clean? Did you delay so you could get rid of evidence? That’s called obstruction and tampering. And what took the FBI so long to get it? Hillary if that server has been scrubbed so clean that even FBI experts can’t reconstruct the emails that tells me you did everything you could to prevent anyone from knowing what you were doing.

My verdict based on the evidence is guilty. What’s yours?

And that’s my open.

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