I gave President Trump an A. From my perspective he certainly deserves it. He has cut the national debt by $68 billion. In contrast, Barack Hussein added $320 billion during his first 50 days in office, a difference of nearly half a trillion hard-earned American taxpayer dollars! Check the actual numbers here…. National Debt

President Trump has submitted a budget to Congress, the first they have received in eight years I might add, that is increasing the US defense budget significantly, another promise kept, strengthening our armed forces, which Barack Hussein left in a dangerously depleted condition in terms of funding, enlistment, and morale.

President Trump is rescinding Barack Hussein executive orders at a frantic pace, putting a conservative constitutionalist on the bench of the Supreme Court, cutting taxes, leading an economic boom and an employment surge. I wish there was an A++++++++++++++++ option! (grade President Trump’s first 50 days below)