I am receiving a lot of email from fellow Trump supporters asking why I don’t like The Donald’s choice of Mike Pence for his second-in-command.

Most Trump supporters fit a certain profile – independent, thoughtful, informed patriots, who want their children to enjoy a free America, unshackled by today’s climate of political correctness and encroaching totalitarianism. Donald Trump has represented that spirit well to this point.

However, his choice of Mike Pence as running mate really has me worried. Is Trump caving to the establishment? Mike Pence is as establishment as the Bushes and Clintons.

What does Pence bring to the table? Nothing, as far as I can tell. In fact, in view of his rapidly declining approval numbers in his home state of Indiana, I would say that he is taking from the table. Trump doesn’t need Pence’s help in taking Indiana, as though Pence could offer it. Indiana is hardly a critical state electorally, not the smallest, but far from the largest.

The sad truth is that Pence is a beltway establishment fixture, and famous for changing positions, usually calling it right the first time, then collapsing like a wet noodle in the face of the slightest criticism, and reversing course to offer the people a “screw you” position. This is the history of Mike Pence. From immigration reform to religious liberty, the man is a flip-flop artist.

Worst of all, and this is amazing to me given Donald Trump’s well-known penchant for undying loyalty, Indiana Governor Mike Pence endorsed Canadian Cruz for president, and he didn’t announce his endorsement early in the primary season, he announced it just days before the Indiana primary, giving Cruz maximum benefit, while poking Donald Trump in the eye. Pence’s endorsement showed just how little clout he has in his own state, as Trump clobbered the Canadian 53% to 36%, taking all 57 delegates. So, yeah, really, what good is Pence?

The question in my mind is why? Why did Trump choose Pence? Is he going to bring votes? No. In fact, I am predicting the choice of Pence will lose quite a few votes. Does Mike Pence have some special talent, like foreign policy experience, military expertise, or superior knowledge and understanding of our Constitution? No.

The only possible explanation I can imagine for Trump choosing Mike Pence is that he is appeasing the establishment. That may not be a bad maneuver. It may be a compromise with the RNC and establishment elite to garner their support. That could be a wise move if in fact that is the case.

It could also spell disaster, one of Donald Trump’s favorite words. No doubt this decision is going to lose votes. How many is the question? It is Trump’s first real departure from the brash independent, mind-of-his-own, leader we have come to know and love. I’m giving Trump the benefit of the doubt on this one and praying it is only a backroom deal with the RNC and not a shift in philosophy.

If Mike Pence is who The Donald wants as vice-president, then that is who he deserves, but the decision has raised quite a few eyebrows, and not only mine….

From WND

Donald Trump has repeatedly pledged as president to fight for religious liberty in the face of attacks from government, judges, a contemptuous media and increasingly radical secular cultural institutions.

I am still hoping he’s serious about that.

But the selection of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate does not give me a great deal of confidence.

It was just over a year ago that Pence had an opportunity as governor to stand up for religious liberty in a meaningful way. Instead, he caved like a house of cards, folded like a cheap suit, backtracked like a cowardly politician who couldn’t take a political punch.

Here’s how it went.

The Indiana Legislature passed the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” It was modeled after federal legislation passed in the 1990s and signed by Bill Clinton. It made clear, just as the First Amendment does, that American citizens could not be coerced, forced or bullied by government to violate their most sacred religious beliefs.

That’s it.

It didn’t mention homosexuals, transgenders, lesbians, bisexuals or bestiality, for that matter.

Yet the media went ballistic in mischaracterizing it as bigotry, a bill designed to place the LGBT crowd in chains.

After signing the bill and singing its praises, Pence did an about-face – rewriting the law to render it meaningless, toothless, neutered, if you will.


Was there a court judgment against the law? No.

Was something found in the law that Pence missed earlier? No.

Did someone put a gun to his head? No.

But the media had begun to criticize him for his role in making the law.

That was too much for Pence.

He got his feelings hurt over the mean things the press was reporting about him.

It was a shocking betrayal.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/07/pence-has-something-to-prove/#2DpD2zglsDciasgJ.99