I am well beyond sick and tired of the butthurt Cruzbots, who despite the will of the people are determined to have their way and deny Donald Trump the GOP nomination.

Led by Colorado delegate Kendal Unruh, a scheme is being hatched to change the rules at the convention to allow all delegates to be unbound, and to convince a sufficient number of those delegates to not vote for Trump.

According to The Washington Post, “Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer responded in a statement, saying: “Donald Trump bested 16 highly qualified candidates and received more primary votes than any candidate in Republican Party history. All of the discussion about the RNC Rules Committee acting to undermine the presumptive nominee is silly. There is no organized effort, strategy or leader of this so-called movement. It is nothing more than a media creation and a series of tweets.”

Delegates involved in the effort disagree, but their plans face steep difficulties and would require rapid coordination among the thousands headed to Cleveland next month. Previous attempts to field a Trump opponent or to use convention rules to stop him have quickly fizzled, but the new fight revives the possibility of a contested convention.

The campaign kicked off in earnest Thursday night on a conference call with at least 30 delegates from 15 states, according to multiple participants. Unruh and Regina Thomson, another Colorado delegate, have recruited regional coordinators in Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Washington and other states.

From Truth Feed

With just a month until the Republican National Convention, traitor-delegates are plotting to steal the nomination from Donald Trump, even though he earned WELL OVER the 1237 delegates needed and is the people’s choice.

Let’s face it, facts and “we the people” don’t matter to these selfish turd-brains.

The Washington Post is reporting that approximately 30 Republican dropkick-delegates took part in an hour-long phone conference this week called, “free the delegates” and “anything but Trump.”

#AnythingButTrump, the sadder, uglier sister of #NeverTrump.

It was lead by epic loser, Kendal Unruh, a guy lady who backed loser, and Canadian globalist, Ted Cruz, he’s she’s also a member of the RNC rules committee.

Why is a tool like “Kendal” on any “RNC committee?”

These 30 desperate-dingbats plan to introduce a “conscience clause” at the convention, which will allow delegates to not vote for Trump if they feel it would go against their conservative principles.

And by “conservative principles” they mean, open-borders, lousy trade deals, refugees, out-sourcing jobs, illegals, and nation-building 3rd-world sh*t holes.

An action like this would render the primary season useless, as delegates would be ignoring the WILL OF THE PEOPLE and would likely trigger the start of AMERICAS SECOND REVOLUTION.

I suggest these 30 poop-stains rethink this “genius” plan.