By Thomas Madison

Wild Bill nearly lost me at “Ted Cruz,” but I am still publishing this because otherwise he is spot-on. Actually, I am hoping that The Donald chooses Ted Cruz as his veep. Cruz is the only one watching, learning and following The Donald’s lead, like his classic bitch slap of Turtle McConnell on the Senate floor. Ted would make an outstanding VP. It would give him seasoning, the experience he lacks, and make him the heir apparent in 2024.

America is sick to tears of the procession of empty suit, pandering, career parasites from which they have been forced to choose the world’s most powerful position for nearly three decades. Enough politically correct, mealy-mouthed wimps! America has not had a solid pair in the people’s house since The Ronald graced its hallowed halls.

I agree with Bill that many of The Donald’s detractors consider him “an egotistical SOB.” My response to that is, “SO WHAT!” If I need brain surgery I am going to look for the very best brain surgeon I can find. It is almost certain that that doc will be an egotistical SOB. SO WHAT! Should I give the job instead to the nicest guy I know, who would be my plumber, or should I seek the most competent brain surgeon I can find? Easy decision.

Donald Trump is the brain surgeon America has been looking for. He is egotistical, conceited, and he takes no shit! And I love it! He is also uniquely talented at turning nosediving, cash-hemorrhaging propositions (like the United States) into vibrant, prosperous success stories. And if you doubt his fighter instinct, just ask John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry, or any of the other whimpering fools he has left in his wake.

The best advice I can give the poor souls in the GOP who have been left in The Donald’s dust is…. “There is a freight train a-coming. Get off the tracks and take notes!”