The Republican-majority Congress is greasing the skids so that the incoming Trump administration can hit the ground running.

Case in point: Many pundits were wondering if Obamacare would survive President Trump’s first term in office. The handwriting on the wall is it is going to be toast before Barack Hussein leaves office.

Two resolutions to repeal the steaming pile of nanny state bureaucracy we know as Obamacare have been passed in Congress, one in each chamber.

The House on Friday voted to begin the process of repealing ObamaCare, despite defections from some Republicans wary of rushing ahead without a plan to replace the law, according to The Hill.
Lawmakers voted largely along party lines, 227-198, to approve a budget resolution that’s serving as a vehicle to unwind the healthcare law.
Nine Republicans from the conservative and centrist wings of the party joined with all Democrats to oppose the measure.

House Republicans can only lose 23 of their members and still pass legislation on their own. Earlier in the week, enough Republicans were on the fence about supporting the budget that the whip count appeared in question.

Across the Capitol, Sen. Rand Paul(R-Ky.) was the only GOP senator to vote against the budget resolution early Thursday morning because it didn’t balance.
But GOP leaders managed to limit defections to ensure the budget resolution passed as Congress prepares for the new Donald Trumpadministration.