The dying gasps of the Democrat Party. It is a joy to watch. The best part is how the entire world has them figured out now, as well as their official Propaganda Division CNN and the other fake news purveyors in the Alphabet Network Club.

Professional liar and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has engineered one more bit of obvious fiction for Barack Hussein, which he and his press demons are foisting onto the American public.

First of all, James Clapper has zero credibility after lying to Congress and the American people. Secondly, this trash that he is trying to push is so obviously fake that only a complete moron would believe it. Check out this excerpt from the leaked report….

H/T The Gateway Pundit


This is the crap that our intel “professionals” and the fake news outlets CNN and Buzzfeed are pushing….

** Obama has a meeting in Russia.
** Trump flies to Russia, finds out the hotel room Obama stayed in, and books it.
** Trump finds at least two hookers and invites them to Obama’s former hotel suite.
** Trump instructs the hookers to PISS ON THE BED because he hates Obama so much.
** Little did Trump know Putin had the entire room outfitted with video cameras.
** The Russian government now has video proof of Trump watching hookers PISS on a bed.
** Russian government tells Trump they will release the video if he does not run for president.
** Trump runs for president and against all odds and WINS the White House.

THIS is apparently the “intelligence” that The Clap (James Clapper) and the other hapless morons in our fake intelligence community have been leaning on to prove that Donald Trump is a Russian tool. This is the sort of bullshit that is expected from Mad magazine. What the hell have we been paying our intel people for, to shill for Barack Hussein? These assclowns have no more intellect and integrity than that? Clean house, President Trump. Fire them all!