It always happens. Just when the love scene gets all hot and steamy they cut away to a Preparation H commercial. So, too, I reckon the Glenn Beck/Canadian Cruz love affair is over.

Watch ┬áBeck totally lose his marbles over Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Donald Trump for President. I honestly thought Glenn was going to cry again.

At first I thought it was some sort of sick comedy when Beck whined, “For the very first time I heard Ted Cruz calculate.”

Really, Glenn? Where the hell have you been? Ted Cruz has done nothing but calculate since he arrived in Washington.

“There is no difference between the two teams anymore,” whimpered Beck.

Just what the hell have you been smoking, Glenn, and where can I get some? You complain that “there is no difference between the two teams anymore.” That is so last year, Glenn! There is a big difference now. Donald Trump is the difference. Why do you think the establishment in both parties are against him? Because he is the anti-establishment threat, the mortal enemy of the status quo, and they hate him. You hate the establishment, yet you can’t stand the one guy who aims to dismantle the establishment. WTF!?

“Which one is for the IDEA that all men are created equal,” shrieks Beck, “that all men have a right to pursue their own happiness and make their own (gasket blown) goddamned decision? Which one? Which one?”

You ever laugh while watching a friend go crazy because he can’t find his sunglasses, which are on his head, and all you can do is crack up and point as he continues to tear the house apart searching?

That is what it is like watching Glenn Beck. He is frantic, desperately searching for the answer, the right candidate, and he is losing it. He thinks this is all up to him. And the guy he is searching for is right in front of his face.

Chill, Glenn. Go hang out in a tropical paradise for a while. Spend lots of the money you made when you were sane. We the People got this.

Just like all the doubters, handwringers, and nailbiters fearing the presidency of Ronald Reagan who they called an unqualified warmonger, the people know best. You are in good hands, Glenn. The patriots will take care of you. Just chill!