Republicans unite behind Trump

… it’s time for Americans to unite behind America

by Sylvester Connor, The Connor Post

As Donald Trump moves to unite the Republican Party he so recently razed, it is well to remember that his real goal is to unite the country, not the party. Trump’s America First stance, it seems to us, does just that. It unites Americans because it sidesteps all of the empty and divisive talk about race, women and gay rights that can no longer hide the major problems America faces.

Identity politics has led America and Europe astray. This is paradoxical, for it is the progressive lust for oneness and all-inclusive unity, the quixotic desire for everybody to be part of an equal but separate minority, that led to the proliferation of rights groups. “Everybody” ended up meaning that every single, nameable identity became a cause, armed with rights.

And Trump brought them nightmares, talking of America first, not of blacks, latinos, women, gays, the workers, and the poor, but of Americans.

Where, one asks, is Hillary Clinton going to find this unity? For her most vocal constituencies – blacks, latinos, gays, women, government workers and unions – have grown more and more divisive since the election of Obama ushered in the new era of identity politics.

La Raza is Spanish for “the Race”, a raison d’etre beyond the pale for the wretched utopians of the left – and yet there it is. Black Lives Matter angrily rejects the counter-affirmation “all lives matter” as wrong. Brandishing the adjective that has become their bizarre epithet, “gays” have morphed from a beleaguered minority to a ferocious thought police micromanaging everything from restrooms in North Carolina to professional football, with particular focus on the hated Protestants. And, predictably, Occupy Wall Street went straight from an attack on shadow banking to a socialist screed against capitalism.

That’s the problem with identity politics: it’s inherently divisive. The rise of the hyphenated Americans, coinciding as it did with a series of disastrous foreign wars and the export of America’s manufacturing, created the perfect storm of discontent amidst which Donald Trump – no hyphenations – offers to calm the waters.

The irony, of course, is that it is Trump who has been relentlessly called divisive. The argument that his base was in fact an identity group – poor whites – has been blown out of the water by the reality of the elections. Trump haters who are not hyphenated – women and union workers in particular – will quite likely come to realize the reasonableness of his proposals and join the America first movement. Surreptiously if need be, at least at first.

Only those groups who need the hyphen, who rely on animosity for their livelihood, object to a united America. But even to the cadres of “”, we would ask, is it a Pyrrhic victory you are after? For if America becomes a failed state, don’t you fail along with it?

Most of these people are not anarchists, for whom the failed state is the goal. And most are not monsters, seeking to destroy America “just because,” as in the 60’s Burn Baby Burn. We think they’re rational like all of us, wanting what’s best for themselves and their communities.

And their communities are being decimated by the bleak realities behind the globalist chimera. All they need to realize is the simple truth that exporting prosperity and importing poverty is a bad deal for everyone, identity groups included. An ebbing tide lowers all boats.