By Thomas Madison

You just can’t make this stuff up! George Will is certifiably insane. Either insane or Fox News should force him to go back to 7th grade for remedial instruction in American history.

Will has been very vocal lately disparaging Donald Trump for no apparent reason other than (ostensibly) receipt of marching orders and talking points from the assclowns who run Fox. They are clearly toting the establishment water to douse the popularity of the sizzling hot Donald.

Dutifully, from his deskbound perch, Boy George stares down his nose at the American people, condescendingly delivering his disconnected gibberish, most recently (video, below) taking his sights off The Donald and setting them squarely on the most improbable of targets, diminutive, dead, and defenseless James Madison.

Sure, go ahead and laugh. I’m serious!

George Will actually said that our twin congressional wimps, John Boner and Turtle McConnell are not to blame for their recent multiple capitulations to Barack Hussein. I know, the twin wimps both campaigned to stop Hussein and prevent him from running roughshod all over the American people. But, when the time actually came for them to keep their promises they screwed the American people in favor of a Marxist Muslim America-hater.

Will believes that James Madison is the culprit for Congressional deadlock by designing a check and balance system to prevent any single branch of our federal government from dominating the others, which heretofore has been described as the great and simple genius of James Madison.

Poor, brain dead George! It isn’t the check and balance system that is causing the problem, you pompous imbecile! It is the lack of enforcement of Congress’s check and balance authority by the two aforementioned congressional wimps that is to blame. It is like our immigration laws. They are only relevant and meaningful if they are being enforced.

I almost didn’t post this video because I didn’t want to give Fox any more exposure than I have to. In this case I have to, to spotlight what passes for intelligent discourse on Faux News.