Photo, above: First Lady Melania Trump meets Japanese Prime Minister Abe and his wife. Notice the huge entourage following the First Lady? Yeah, me neither.

H/T Joe LaVeque

President Trump is saving We the People money in every corner and crevice of our monstrous federal government. But he isn’t alone. He has everyone pitching in to trim the federal budget, even his First Lady.

Sasquatch Michelle Obama had a yuge staff of 24 attendants of all sorts. If you are on perpetual vacation, starving schoolchildren to death, and shopping ’til you drop, someone has to tote the bags and enforce the 70-calorie lunch menu on our growing children. No child needs no more than a carrot to get through the school day. You can thank Michelle later.

Compared to Michelle’s 24 staffers, First Lady Melania Trump has employed a massive staff of two.

According to The Daily Mail, President Donald Trump is eyeing first lady Melania Trump’s office for some staff cuts, as he makes good on a campaign promise to save taxpayers money.

As his wife continues to live in New York City with son Barron, the president is considering reducing the number of jobs in her office, which had grown to 20 employees, reported McClatchy, citing three sources aware of the proposal, but unable to speak about it on the record.

So far, the first lady has only hired two people to be on her staff – Chief of Staff Lindsay Reynolds, an alumna of the George W. Bush administration and White House Social Secretary Anna Cristina Niceta Lloyd, an events planner who has worked on the last five inaugurals and for both Democratic and Republican secretaries of state.

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