In early August Sarah Huckabee Sanders read a letter (first video, below) during a press briefing that came from Frank Giaccio, a local 10-year-old boy from Falls Church, Virginia who wrote President Trump, offering to mow the White House lawn “some weekend.”

Inspired by young Frank’s drive and initiative, President Trump responded in the affirmative, giving Frank the opportunity to mow the White House Rose Garden, which Frank, who calls himself FX, was happy to do on Friday.

Frank charged President Trump only $8 for the lawn cutting, his standard rate for mowing his neighbors’ lawns. I am certain, however, that President Trump will be adding something extra to that.

I wonder how long it will take before the IRS comes after Frank for tax evasion, as well local and state authorities for operating without a business license, tax evasion, and not carrying workmen’s compensation and liability insurance.