By Thomas Madison

Donald Trump is not even President yet, but his continued condemnation of Ford for outsourcing jobs to Mexico has convinced the company to bring its $2 billion plant back to the United States from Mexico.

From Prntly:

CNN Money reports that Ford is moving its facility, originally slated for Mexico, back to the United States, where it will employ 1,000 factory workers in struggling Youngstown, Ohio.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently said that if he’s elected he would take steps to make it more expensive for manufacturers to shift work to Mexico and then export the items back to the United States.

“How does that help us?” Trump said about the Ford investment in Mexico while campaigning in Michigan this week. “Mexico is becoming the new China.”

Ford has declined to comment, but many see this as a good sign, a welcome change after decades of outsourcing manufacturing plant overseas.

This is awesome news for middle class America, which will benefit from the jobs and boost to our economy, as well as drastically increasing our tax base. Among Trump’s major platforms is trade reform, specifically returning manufacturing back to the US. He has been very critical of China, Japan, and Mexico, which are stealing American jobs and prosperity. No more, if The Donald has anything to say about it!

And he’s not even president yet. Imagine the greatness he will achieve when elected, especially considering he will have a Republican majority in both houses of Congress, which will sail his proposals through the congressional maze! Now we have to be smart enough to elect him. The ball is in our court.