UNBELIEVABLE! We paid five billion dollars!…. let me say that again…. we paid five billion dollars! for an Army deserter. So that we could rightfully prosecute his as a deserter, and potentially as a traitor? No. He is a free man, if you can call him a man. We also paid that deserter $300,000 in what is being called back pay. In addition to the five Taliban prisoners we released, WE PAID FIVE BILLION DOLLARS! for a scumbag deserter to Qatar. For what? A treasonous POS? Bergdahl should be in jail. Instead we gave him $300,000 (and I have calculated the pay for an Army E-4/E-5, and it doesn’t come close to $60,000 a year), plus released five high-value, high-level terrorist prisoners, plus gave away FIVE BILLION DOLLARS! That’s $15 for every man, woman, and child in America…. for a foul piece of shit! I can’t get over it. This is clearly treason!

It is beyond amazing that only Fox News covered this. The mainstream media is complicit and totally on board with the Obama “Hate America” agenda.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer was a part of the team that negotiated the release of deserter Bo Bergdahl. He discusses his role in the deal with Bill O’Reilly.

From Fox:

Bill O’Reilly: Let me just stop you. There were three trade scenarios, there were three things they could have done. You were involved to try to work that out to some extent?

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: Not all of them involved trade. One of them essentially was a direct action. One of them involved my aspect, which was not again a trade. It was something working the issue. And, obviously the one the president went with was the $5 billion to Qatar and the trade of the five Taliban.