Photo, above: Cars, with drivers in them, crushed beneath the weight of a pedestrian bridge that collapsed in Miami

Horrific tragedy at Florida International University in Miami as a pedestrian bridge under construction collapsed, trapping motorists in their cars. Multiple casualties reported.

Several people have been reported dead after a newly constructed pedestrian bridge collapsed in Miami, Florida, according to Western Journal.

The bridge, located near Florida International University, collapsed on multiple cars.

According to Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Alejandro Camacho, “five to six vehicles” were crushed.

The bridge, which weighs 950 tons, went up on Saturday and was then lowered into its final position, CBS Miami reported.

The bridge was not scheduled to open to the public until early next year, NBC News reported.

“The bridge was constructed using an innovative approach to bridge construction – a technique meant to reduce potential risks to workers, commuters and pedestrians and prevented traffic tie-ups in the area,” according to CBS Miami.

Immediately following Thursday’s incident, traffic was shut down in both directions

Photos and videos posted to social media in the aftermath of the collapse painted a grim picture of the destruction that had occurred.