If Barack Hussein, Hitlery Clinton, and many people from DOJ and the FBI don’t wind up in prison over this, then there is no justice in America. Abuse of power at this level cannot be tolerated. If we simply let it go, it will be much worse the next time.

The onion is unpeeling, one layer at a time. The next big shoe to drop is the FISA memo, which legal experts who have seen it claim is so damning that government officials at the top of DOJ and the FBI are facing many years in prison. Their ringleaders, and apparently the individuals who ordered, orchestrated and paid for the illegal activity, namely Hussein and Hitlery, cannot go unpunished.

Listen as Greg Jarrett, Fox News’ legal expert, weighs in on what is in store….

“Top officials should be impeached which means they can’t hold another government position. But, I suspect this intel document is going to reveal multiple felonies by high-ranking officials at the FBI and the Department of Justice. There’s a federal felony statute, it’s called Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law and it says that a government official cannot use their position of power to deprive somebody of their constitutional rights. Here, it’s the constitutional right to privacy as upheld by the Supreme Court. So, if the FBI and the DOJ go into a federal judge using a fake, false document to obtain a warrant to spy, that’s a violation, it’s a felony, it’s 10 years behind bars. People ought to be prosecuted for that.”