Here it is, folks. The FISA memo, the actual document. We are publishing the doc itself before giving it a thorough analysis so that you may do the same.

Given how hard the left, the FBI, and DOJ, all implicated parties, I might add, have fought the release of the memo, there is no question that it is a damning report of the conspiracy of the left and the deep state to manipulate a US presidential election.

Please let us know what you think after having seen the document and analyzed it for yourselves.

The memo confirms much of what has been speculated to this point, especially the depth of the conspiracy to remove President Trump before and after his inauguration. The only problem I have so far in reading the document is the White House reference (Page 2) to Adam Schiff as “Honorable.” There is much to analyze here, which we will be very busy with over the next several hours and days.