It becomes more evident every day that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be fired.

No one has confidence in Sessions any longer. I certainly don’t. I believe President Trump has lost all faith in Sessions, as well, who abandoned his boss, allowing the witch hunt for Russian anything to begin, claiming it was his duty to recuse himself. No, it wasn’t! He had no need, in my opinion, to recuse himself. If Robert Mueller, himself complicit in the coverup of Uranian One, has no conflicts of interest, then neither does Sessions.

Sessions then refused to investigate the myriad crimes involving the Clintons, including Uranium One, the missing email mess, the private server, the $145 million in Russian donations to the Clinton piggy bank Foundation, and how about the $6 billion missing from the State Department and, coincidentally, of course, the $6 billion in missing hurricane relief funds that never made it to the Haitian government or the Haitian people, who still live in squalor while the Clintons are quite comfortable, and who knows where the $6 billion is. If ever an organization needed a thorough audit, it is the Clinton Foundation. But, somehow, Jeff Sessions believes none of that warrants investigation. Just WOW!

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