“This tsunami of ‘fake news!'” Christianne Amanpour’s words, describing the alt. media, websites like Powdered Wig.

“Fake news! Fake news! Fake news!” That’s the new buzzmantra rising from the leftist losers, especially those in the libstream media, where Chritiane Amanpour plys her partisan trade for CNN, a proud member of the ultra-left Alphabet Network Club (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc.).

“Fake news” can best be described as “news liberals don’t want you to hear.”

In a speech following her acceptance of the Burton Benjamin Award, whatever that is, Amanpour admitted that the liberal Democrats and their official Communications Bureau, the mainstream media, “had our lunch handed to us” two weeks ago by Donald Trump, which is as close as she has been to truthful in twenty years.

She claims that Trump’s success was due to the support and honest (my word, certainly not hers) coverage he received in the alt. media, websites like Powdered Wig. Thank you, Christiane. I consider that a great compliment.

It is clear that the leftist puppeteers have trotted Amanpour to the microphone to further hang the label of “fake news” on the right wing blogosphere. It ain’t gonna’ work, folks!

As all liberal journalists will agree, our First Amendment is sacred, especially since it is their belief that it resides only left of center. And those who Amanpour considers the moronic masses, who gobble up the refreshing honesty offered by Powdered Wig and its brothers and sisters in the alt. media, must be dealt with. Those people vote! And the content of the news they consume must be controlled by the partisan left.

No longer does the Alphabet Network Club dominate news content. Now people have a choice, and in rapidly growing numbers they are choosing the alt. media over the spoon fed partisan garbage that the mainstream media has been forcing down their throats for decades.

It’s a whole new world, Christiane. Get used to it. Your appeals to kill the “fake news” alt. media are going to fail miserably. You have two choices….

  1. Begin reporting honestly. You can still be the partisan hack that you have always been. Just be honest and admit that you are a partisan hack. Your low-info followers will appreciate it.
  2. Watch your industry continue to die on the vine. Maybe you should abandon the “fake news” mantra in favor of “you want fries with that?”

The following video is Amanpour’s sickening speech. Warning: If you are on blood pressure medication, take an extra double dose at least one hour prior to viewing, and be sure to read our excerpts from the video transcript, as well as Powdered Wig’s translation beneath the video….

Liberal to English translation….

“That is how it goes with authoritarians (Trump) around the world, like Sisi, like Erdogan, like Putin, like the Ayatollahs, like Duterte in the Philippines, and all of those people.”

Translation: “Trump is an authoritarian, worse than Hitler, ‘and all of those people.'” 

Amanpour fears for herself and her leftist colleagues in the media: “They end up in handcuffs, in cages, in kangaroo courts, in prisons, and then who knows what.”

Translation: “Donald Trump is going to arrest liberal journalists, put us in cages, have us whipped in public, and he might even grab my…. never mind.”

“I think a great America requires a great and free and safe press.” (massive applause).

Translation: “A great and free press does not include anyone with a non-leftist perspective.”

” Don’t stand for being called or labeled lying, or crooked, or failing. We have to stand up together because divided we will fall.”

Translation: “We MUST gang up on the right wing meanies who are stealing our formerly captive audience.”

“I believe in being truthful, not neutral.”

Translation: “To hell with impartiality and journalistic ethics. I’m a goddamned liberal and I will parrot the liberal lies until Trump puts me in a cage, has me publicly whipped, and grabs my you know what. We shall overcome and kumbaya, dammit!”

And finally, “We have to accept that we have had our lunch handed to us by the very same social media that we have so slavishly been devoted to. The winning candidate did a very savvy end run around us and used it to go straight to the people. Combined with the most incredible development ever, which is the tsunami of fake news, AKA lies.”

Translation: “We must admit that because our liberal voter base is populated by mouth-breathing imbeciles with gerbil-level IQs, who obviously have no ability to comprehend serious political discourse, nor capacity to use the internet, a new and superior world of political reporting is upon us, and we must crush its tiny skull as an infant before it grows up to take our place as the rightful owners of the fourth estate.”

I know this will be a shock to you, Christiane, but it was YOU who created the internet phenomenon you refer to as “fake news,” the runaway success of the right wing blogosphere. For decades Americans have been force-fed the slop that you have been shoving down their throats. There were no alternatives until Fox News came along, and even Fox has now joined your brotherhood (generic in gender) of dishonest brokers of information. Americans were dying for an alternative to your partisan liberal garbage, and the blogosphere gave it to them in the form of sites like Powdered Wig.

Unless you can destroy our Constitution’s First Amendment, you will not get rid of your problem, especially now that you have lost nearly total control of power. We the People are SICK of you liberals, and we have finally found the patriot who can and will right the course!

I know it was a shock to you that Donald Trump won the election, but not all of us were surprised. Powdered Wig certainly was not. As we predicted all along, it would be a landslide win for Trump.

YOU are responsible for Donald Trump being elected, Christiane. Thank you!