Some will be fired, some will be impeached, and some will go to jail!

There are many, many people involved in the conspiracy to destroy President Trump. Actors within America’s intelligence and law enforcement communities, Barack Hussein, federal judges, Hitlery Clinton, the Democrat Party, a handful of Rinos, and the repulsive liberal mainstream media. Did I leave anyone out?

President Trump has defeated many enemies to become President. None of them or the combination of them is as strong as We the People, who have been steadfastly in the President’s corner from the beginning. From that unwavering support President Trump draws his enormous power. May he throw the book at the corrupt parasites who have so casually and callously violated US law, conspiring to undermine the people’s will.

Listen as much-respected General McInerny updates the evolving “Wiregate” case against Barack Hussein and his many, many co-conspirators. According to McInerny, both Hussein and Hitlery are guilty of violating the Espionage Act, a very serious offense which could land them both in prison for the rest of their lives.