By Thomas Madison

Eric Trump defends his father’s position on Islamic terrorists, and his suggestion that we have to “take out” their families.

While the hand-wringing progressive wimps are crying in concert over this comment, it is important to note one historical fact. Long and lethal WWII was bitterly fought, and even though the allies were beating the Japanese routinely, they refused to go down.

Then Harry Truman dropped two nukes on Japan, killing 200,000 civilians, which brought the Japanese leadership to its knees and ended the war immediately.

War is hell, and it isn’t pretty. The alternative to crushing this Islamic scourge is many more innocent people dying for no reason other than political correctness. God forbid anyone be labeled an “Islamophobe!”

The only thing these cockroaches understand is brute force. We must match, nay, exceed, their brutality, and if thousands of Muslims have to die to save the lives of innocent people across the globe, it is unfortunate, but so be it. This is a matter of survival!

Political correctness can go to hell!

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