By Thomas Madison

It is high time we separated the boys (and Carly) from ‘da man, Donald Trump.

With the exception of that early period when Jeb Bush was leading the field (Yeah, we all believed that one…. NOT! Even Jeb’s mommy didn’t want her wimp son to run).

What sort of fantasy are these clowns living, believing they have a legitimate shot with single-digit poll numbers? Only Carson has broken the double-digit plane. The rest are DOA.

If there is one HUGE mistake that the GOP has made in the past, it is entertaining a field of candidates so large that it ruins the debate process and waters down the Republican brand.

Enough already, Republicans! Let’s choose our candidate early this time around. The people have made their choice abundantly clear.

From Dianne Marshall, The Marshall Report

TRUMP IS THE FRONT RUNNER AND HE’S JUST GETTING STARTED!  Some one needs to tell the other “also rans”  that in spite of all the media hype and kid glove treatment they are receiving – they are LOSING and some are LOSING SO BAD it is embarrassing to watch.  It’s time for the real clowns to take their show back to the circus!

It’s painful to watch and the acts are dull.  Even if the drinks and popcorn were free – and even if the media ringmaster opened the gates at no charge – people would still pass up their offer.

Do they not know that Trump supporters aren’t interested in watching the bad acts any more? If it was pouring down rain and the big top was open for free – people would still be outside standing in the rain waiting for the Trump stadium to open!

Dianne Marshall