Speaking to Sean Hannity regarding the presidential race, Newt Gingrich declared that this past week was Trump’s best since he announced he was running for president.

Having attended an RNC meeting recently, the topic of which was all of the September and October surprises that await the Wicked Witch of Benghazi, Newt said, “We haven’t seen 10% of what we’re going to learn in September,” referring to the constant eruption of corrupt scandal after corrupt scandal spewing 24/7 from Mt. Clinton.

“She is going to drown under the impact!” added Newt, a Trump insider and one of the smartest men in Washington.

“My first point, Sean, is she’s going to lose. Now, when she loses Donald Trump is going to win. But, my second point, and the reason I’m so excited about this week is, Donald Trump is on the verge of creating a genuinely historic movement which brings together Americans of all backgrounds, not just Republicans, but potentially a bigger coalition than Reagan had.” Fast forward to the 7:00 mark in the video below to hear Newt’s stunning announcement.