Below are four videos that were shot in Las Vegas by investigative journalists. The first video was shot by freelance journalist Pizzazz Picasso a month and a half ago. He caught, red-handed, Hitlery campaign operatives registering people to vote on the street while making their partisanship for Hitlery clearly, visibly known, which is a crime.

The next two videos, also by Picasso, were shot just a few days ago.┬áSame crime, same location. Even after being caught the first time, and having that video go viral (we published it on August 22) these liberal Democrats absolutely don’t care that they’ve been caught. They continue doing the same thing. The crimes they are committing are felonies, they know it, and they don’t care! They believe laws are for Republicans.

The fourth video is from James O’Keefe, a Pit Bull of an investigative journalist. There is little question that the philosophy of break the law until caught, then apologize and carry on” comes from the top, as evidenced by John Podesta’s visit to the very people in Las Vegas who are committing these felonies. Podesta is the chairman of the Hillary For America presidential campaign. He was also Slick’s White House Chief of Staff, as well as Counselor to Barack Hussein, which makes his integrity, or lack thereof, fully credentialed.