H/T Joe LaVeque

Election fraud is alive and well, and already underway in the Sunshine State. Following is a case of the media attempting to manipulate an election via false and premature reporting of results.

Republican candidate Laurel Bennett, running in the primary for the seat in Florida House District 86, was shocked to find out Saturday that she had lost the election to her opponent Stuart Mears. The reason for her shock is that the election was scheduled for the following Tuesday, August 30.

Bennett wound up winning yesterday’s REAL election. The screenshot below is from her facebook page, as well as the following statement (unable to embed screenshot, but you can find it at Laurel’s facebook page)….

“Voter fraud and malicious intent! How does NBC affiliate, Channel 5 WPTV know what the election results are prior to election? I asked them to use fake names or split the percentages fairly or block the site from Google until Election Day and they refused. They had this snippet set up weeks ago. They claim they are “testing” their system, the same system they have used for years, and they say it was only 1 hour but it was up all day Saturday as we saw it and many, many people saw it as well. They called and thought the election was over. We were notified of this on Saturday morning but it was up for weeks. This was malicious intent.”

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