When Donald Trump made his now famous escalator entrance on June 16, 2015 at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for President, I knew immediately that we were in for something special.

During his announcement he spoke of new, necessary, politically incorrect, and refreshing planks in his platform: The scourge of illegal immigration, which is keeping American wages low and unemployment high; building a border wall to prevent the unabated flow of illegal immigrants into our country; our current joke of a foreign trade policy, which is making nations like China rich at the expense of hard-working and voiceless Americans, who could see what was happening but had no voice, no champion who would listen and effect ┬áthe changes necessary to bring America’s prosperity back home. Long before there was an Trump candidacy I wrote about this insane phenomenon our elected leaders had allowed to happen and were apparently not bright enough to correct; rebuilding or badly depleted armed forces, which sounded very much like Reagan’s “peace through strength;” cutting taxes as a means to stimulate the economy, a completely counterintuitive initiative the sneering media talking heads were absolutely unequipped to wrap their poor heads around. All they had to do was read history. Both Reagan and JFK implemented such a tax policy, and both times it led to economic booms.

I was enthusiastically cheering the fresh political language Trump was speaking, and boarded the Trump Train right away.

There are many parallels between The Ronald and The Donald, first and foremost their “America First” policy in every executive decision. Reagan’s Attorney General Edwin Meese is seeing the parallels as well and is leading an army of 240 prominent 80s GOP power brokers to join the Trump revolution.

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According to the Washington Examiner, “Edwin Meese, the keeper of the Reagan flame, is leading an army of 240 Reagan alumni to Republican Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign as it heads into the final week before Election Day.

The long-time Reagan ally and former attorney general said in a statement, ‘Many of us remember 1980, a time when, as today, America suffered from high unemployment and even higher interest rates, a military that needed to be strengthened and rebuilt, and diminished stature in the world of nations. Ronald Reagan turned that around with resolute policies, such as the most significant tax cut in American history, which stimulated the national economy and created 20 million jobs, and a visionary foreign policy of ‘peace through strength,’ whereby he rebuilt our military and won the Cold War without firing a shot.’

He added, ‘We need a Trump-Pence administration to change the direction of our country. We all know that Hillary Clinton will continue Obama’s failed policies, growing the size, scope and cost of the federal government, and endangering our national security.’

Other notables of the Reagan Alumni Advisory Council are former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating, who served as Reagan’s assistant secretary for enforcement in the Treasury Department, U.S. Attorney, and later as associate attorney general, and Faith Whittlesey, who served in the Reagan White House as assistant to the president for public liaison and twice as his Ambassador to Switzerland.

Others include Haley Barbour, William Bennett, Gary Bauer, Jeffrey Lord, and Ed Rollins.”