As I walking into a grocery store a few days ago, I noticed a teenager sitting on a bench outside. He had his arms at full length stretched along the back of the bench. He looked bored, probably waiting for his parents who were grocery shopping.

I thought there was something odd about the scene, and as I entered the store it dawned on me that the youngster was not preoccupied with a smartphone, playing games or messaging friends or surfing the web. That was it! How strange. The poor guy’s phone must have been broken or misplaced, I thought.

Intended to make our lives simpler, these new devices have complicated our lives greatly. But, who can live without them? I can’t.

Imagine your car breaking down and you are stuck by the side of the road somewhere with no phone. The horror! If a passerby stopped to offer help, the first thing I would ask for would be to borrow his phone to check a few football game scores. Just kidding. I would call Triple-A first, then my wife and son to let them know I am OK and am trying to get our car repaired, and would be home as soon as that happened. My wife would be worried sick because I am incommunicado and can’t update her every half hour or so.

Our lives have become so dependent on these tiny devices that…. Well, here, let my pal, Thomas Ventimiglia and Albert Einstein explain it far better than I can….

From Thomas Ventimiglia (the other Thomas)

The day has arrived … We are doomed …
The day that Albert Einstein feared most has arrived.  Observe!


Planning their honeymoon.


A day at the beach.

Enjoying dinner with your friends.

Out on an intimate date.

Having a conversation with your bestie.

A visit to the museum.

 It’s here!
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