Deep in the Carolina forest where only manless nature has existed for millennia without the destructive curse of humankind, these brave and peaceful souls from Earth First, totally in tune with the Tree Spirit, make their way to the ritual site, where they grieve the loss of every tree sacrificed to the global scourge we call mankind.

To each tree within sight, they have given a name and offered a mournful prayer and familial hug, their wailing heard only by the trees, other plants, and animals who, like the Firsters, desire only a harmonious balance with all creatures.

And as they toke the sacramental cannabis bud to reach the communal summit, they discover their own hypocrisy and in turn scream for forgiveness, begging the Tree Spirit to punish them for their humanness. But the everloving Tree Spirit responds only with a sigh, the pleasant breeze wafting through the leaves, all waving “goodbye” like thousands of loving hands.

LMAO! These people need help really BAD!