The early voting in Texas is all Trump, according to Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller.

Speaking to Fox News’ Shannon Bream on the major polls and how they are being reflected in Texas early voting, Miller said, “I think they’re wrong. We have a record number of people registered to vote in Texas. We’re having record turnouts, the first day, the second day of early voting. And it’s not Bernie Sanders supporters coming out to support Hillary, and it’s not Barack Obama supporters coming out to support Hillary, but it’s a new surge of Trump voters. Many have never registered to vote. Many have not voted in eight or ten elections, so they’re not recorded in the polls. I think this indicates that it’s going to be a crushing victory in Texas for the Trump campaign. It’s very obvious to me.

Bream then asked Miller, “Do you think some of the polls are off? Why do you think the numbers don’t line up within your estimation of what’s really happening down there?

Well, I know for a fact that the polls are off because they oversample Democrats by about, some of them eight, some of them up to sixteen percent are oversampling Democrats. They’re oversampling women five to eight percent. So, the Republican vote is underreported. Plus, there’s no way to sample this extra twenty or twenty-five percent of new voters that are Trump voters. They’re not Republicans, they’re not Democrats, they’re pragmatists, they’re tired of the status quo and they want change, and they see the Donald Trump campaign, he’s the change agent.”