Drones are really great. Fun to fly and you can take amazing photography from them. But they can also be really bad when they invade a person’s privacy. On the beach in Hawaii you see drones all the time, especially at events being held on the beach. You can’t tell if they belong to the government, a TV station, an amateur photographer, or a peeping Tom. Two of those four are not good. I don’t want the government or a peeping Tom spying on me or my family.

With nearly a million youtube views, this video was taken from a drone in Belleview, Washington. Watch the woman on the deck. She is extremely annoyed at the drone invading her privacy and starts throwing things at the drone, which has no effect. She then goes back inside and reappears with what looks like a shotgun, aiming it at the drone.

The individual piloting the drone realizes that he (presuming the pilot is a male) is about to lose his little voyeur device, which he commands to execute an abrupt right face and race to safety.