By Thomas Madison

I believe that Donald Trump can win as an independent candidate for President against any two professional parasites from the stale, worn-out, establishment club of professional parasites (Republicans and Democrats, or as I call the single party they have merged into, Republicrats).

However, with corruption, lies, voter fraud, conspiracy to undermine, and election cheating of every imaginable sort, the reality is that even as damaged as Hitlery Clinton is she could very well be the next President.

I have been saying this over and over, and I will keep saying it until the brain-dead morons who run the Republican Party get it! All you have to do is get behind the people’s choice, support and promote him, and enjoy the glorious ride to the White House, and the rebirth of the Republican Party.

Or you can commit political suicide and destroy your own party. Seems like any easy choice, but that may be presumptuous, as cognitive reasoning at that level requires at least two active brain cells, an obvious stretch for the party of perpetual losers.

We all know how corrupt and criminal the Democrat Party is. Are We the People now to believe that the Republican Party is no better? I’m afraid it is true. There are two clearly opposing sides in this election. No, not Democrats versus Republicans. On one side we have the establishment parasites, the good old boys, Democrats AND Republicans (Republicrats), joining forces to maintain the status quo of screwing the American people. They have gotten along to get along for many decades, the welfare of the people be damned! On the other side we have Donald Trump and the people. Good versus evil if I ever seen it!