The Donald sure knows how to draw a crowd, but when you nearly double the previous attendance record, it speaks volumes to his popularity.  At the Civic Center of Anderson in Anderson, SC, Donald Trump drew a record smashing crowd of 7,943.  The previous attendance record for any event at the Civic Center was 4,967.  The fire marshal for Anderson County set an entry maximum for safety and not all attendees were allowed to enter the building.  The venue has a listed maximum capacity of 5,000.  In a standing room only venue, Donald Trump allowed Veterans and handicapped attendees the only seating in the building behind the podium and stage right.

Official Head Counts from each entrance in to the Civic Center Of Anderson

The mainstream media are only reporting 5,000 people attended the event.  This has become the norm in an obvious effort to show lowering support for Donald Trump.  Fortunately for Mr. Trump, RAW Conservative also attended the event and are reporting the truth.  All of the mainstream media outlets were present for the event in a large press bank setup in the back of the venue, and all captured the event live.  Here is a picture of the crowd that the media will not show you.

The massive crowd at the Civic Center Of Anderson

To give you an idea of the amount of press coverage that Donald Trump receives on the campaign trail, we at RAW Conservative took a few shots of the massive press team that follows him everywhere he goes.  MSNBC, CNN, Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC, all ran live feeds of the event in order to possibly capture a gaffe or breaking news statement in order to interrupt scheduled broadcasts.  In what has become a normal occurrence at Trump events, Donald at one point, asked the media members in the back of the room to pan the crowd in order to accurately report the record attendance.  They of course declined.  Here is one photo of the parade of press that follow Trump.

The Press Bank in Anderson

One interesting moment took place at the event when a women fainted in the crowd right behind us.  She actually grabbed my camera bag on her way down.  We had to interrupt Mr. Trump mid speech to ask for a medic and you can actually hear me yelling in the short video below.  Donald Trump handled the incident in typical fashion, but was also patient and wanted to make sure she received the medical attention she needed.  He looked over to his new Secret Service detail to get the medical staff over to us to clear the women from the crowd.  The women was diagnosed with dehydration and from what we have heard is doing fine.

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