Pictured above: The winner of the Mohammed Art Contest, drawn by Bosch Fawstin. It is important that we spread this image the world over, in support of Pamela Geller, our country, our Constitution, our culture, and the liberty we all cherish. Please share this post.

By Thomas Madison

I really thought Donald Trump had a little more testosterone than this. He is acting like a little chickenshit, to borrow a phrase from the Barrack Hussein administration.

Speaking to Fox News today, The Comb Over King spouted off, criticizing Pamela Geller’s Mohammed Art Exhibit/Contest in Garland, Texas, where yesterday a security guard was shot by two assailants.  A nearby police officer shot and killed both of the gunmen before they could execute an obvious plan of mass murder. Thank God for patriots like Pam who stand up for our country and our Constitution.


Said The Donald, “I watched Pam, prior, and it looks like she’s just taunting everybody. What is she doing, with drawing Muhammad? And it looks like she’s actually taunting people.”

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Tell you want, Donald, you appease these cavemen if you want. Thank God we have a real patriot in Pam Geller who will stand up for YOUR freedom of speech, YOUR constitutional rights.

And you consider yourself a presidential candidate? GMAFB! If you spoke about the scumbag jihadis the way you spoke about Pam Geller you would likely be scalped, which considering that thing that has crawled to the top of your head and died, would certainly be a cosmetic improvement.


Not quite finished embarrassing himself, Trump whimpered, “And it’s disgusting that it’s happening, and everything else, but why are they…. drawing Muhammad? Isn’t there something else they can draw?”

I know this is beyond your comprehension skills, Mr. Chump, but the exhibit wasn’t about “drawing.” It was about the God-given right to free speech, taking a stand against cockroaches who will certainly take that right away from us if we allow it. Instead of being a leader in this movement you are choosing to hide under your bed. Fine. Stay there! We patriots will deal with this and let you know when it is safe to come out and strut around again with all your bling and puffed-up pretentiousness.

Go away, Donald! You’re embarrassing yourself. And while you’re at it, have one of your personal servants club that thing on top of your head.