By Thomas Madison

Here you go, folks, Donald Trump in a nutshell. An experienced leader, with more executive experience than any candidate who has ever run for president in our country’s history. And when I say executive experience I mean P&L (profit and loss) responsibility, very important! A proven prosperity builder who will secure a free and prosperous future for our children and grandchildren. A no-nonsense patriot, the only candidate who is saying “America First!” His opponents are now parroting his¬†platform, claiming it as their own. Imitation is the greatest flattery, I reckon.

The Donald will remove all the barriers to prosperity that have been built over the past 100 years or so that politicians are too blind and inexperienced to see. It takes a business expert to see that, one who has the battle scars of dealing with the government. Removing those barriers, Trump will force the voracious monster that we call our federal government to get out of the way, allowing We the People to make America great again! Donald Trump will make it possible, removing the obstacles that hinder our prosperity. He has the vision, leadership experience, strength, and resolve to get it done. We the People will do the rest!

May God Bless us with this man’s leadership from the Oval Office for the next eight years. Nothing less than Divine Providence.

Go, Donald!