If you are one of those diehard liberal Democrats who still believe that the Democrat Party is an ethical organization of the highest integrity, you know like the lamebrains who believed that Slick Willie was innocent, even AFTER DNA evidence and his own confession, then this message is for you!

I knew something was weird last night when I saw a full house at the Democrat National Convention and the entire crowd cheering, to suggest “unity,” as the liberal media is reporting it.

How awesome could a political party be that has to pay actors to sit in the audience and applaud and cheer for them? “Trash” is far too mild a term to describe filth like that.

Well, that is what is happening in Philadelphia at the Democrat National Convention. Actors are being paid to fill the seats of the vacated Bernie Sanders delegation. Check out the craigslist ad, below.

The slimeballs Democrats have been advertising for actors to fill the seats of the Sanders delegation, which has been outside the convention hall protesting the egregious injustice and corrupt manipulation at the hands of the DNC directed at Bernie Sanders.


H/T The Gateway Pundit