Throughout this past year of presidential primaries and now the general election campaign I have been wondering what kind of dope the Democrats are on. I mean, think about it. They nominated a woman who will almost certainly be indicted at some point, and it is my opinion that that point is still in the future sometime after January 20, 2017, and who is so visibly ill and has been for years, that she can’t stand, can’t speak without suffering frequent coughing fits, and passes out on a regular basis like a drunk sailor on shore leave. She draws crowds often limited to double digits, and many of those are high school students forced to listen to the Wicked Witch of Benghazi in the gym. And they actually ran this woman for President of the United States!

But wait! After Hitlery’s humiliating collapse on the street at the 9/11 memorial yesterday the powers that be in the Democrat Party are starting to get it. Maybe their dealer has been out of town and reality is finally setting in.

In any case, David Shuster tweeted late Sunday that Democrat operatives have tipped him that the DNC is conducting an emergency meeting to consider replacing Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife as their candidate.

So, who do they run now? The Bern, who they should have run in the first place? Crazy Uncle Joe? Pocahontas Warren? Swift Boat Kerry? Seriously, the only one of those who isn’t a complete joke is clueless socialist Bernie Sanders (The Bern isn’t a complete joke, maybe 3/4 of a joke). His odds of mounting a viable campaign at this late date are not good. How many state ballots could he even get on at this point? Check out the related tweets below….

I think the DNC is making Bernie run laps to insure he is healthy enough to run.