The American media was once known as the “Fourth Estate,” charged with impartial, nonpartisan reporting. Years ago it morphed into the Democrat Propaganda Bureau and has been replaced by the alt. media, of which Powdered Wig is a proud member, and which is growing daily as the clearly partisan and unethical mainstream media is dying on the vine.

The phenomenon of a dishonest media being in lockstep with corrupt actors in government is not limited to the US, however, as Geoff Ross explains in his article, below.

The world is watching this embarrassment of an American presidential race, where our media is so clearly in the pockets of the corrupt Democrats, and they no longer care that the world knows it, openly flaunting their shameless collusion with the party of criminals.

Tomorrow night we will find out how successful the criminally corrupt Democrat Party and their media accomplices were (or were not) in their effort to steal the election away from We the People.

Go, Donald, the People’s Choice!

‘The New 4th Estate – for The People currently with Freedom of Speech’

By Guest Contributor Geoff Ross

On Saturday Melbourne Australia’s HeraldSun produced it’s first ‘objective’ multi page analysis of the US election. It is obvious the HeraldSun still thinks it is the only source of news. Going by these articles as evidence, it’s editor and ‘journalists’ seem to think they can still fool Australians like they did a decade ago before internet news services took over the role of the ‘4th Estate.’ The ‘establishment’ newspapers and old broadcast media are now part of the governance corruption problem the new 4th Estate reports on, to ensure that corrupt governance is exposed.

No mention of the Clinton Foundation’s fleecing billions, possibly up to 16 billion, $AU100m of which Australia donated according to emails published by WikiLeaks!

No mention of the Bill Clinton rape scandals which Hillary covered up, threatened the victims into silence, or paid them off whilst she now plays the women’s card. No mention of Bill Clinton’s illegitimate black son, whilst Hillary supports the rioting, the lawlessness and murders of police officers. ‘If black lives matter to you Hillary, why won’t you let Bill see me. I’m his son. My kids want to know their grandfather.’

No mention of the documented Democrats connection to the George Soros funded Black Lives Matter paid out of state race rioters.

No mention of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas investigation and exposure of Hillary’s direct involvement in the orchestration of violence at Trump rallies.

No mention of Hillary’s lying under oath to both the FBI and Congress, acts of perjury with a ten year jail sentence.

No mention of destroying evidence AFTER that evidence and those devices were subpoenaed by Congress, with documented discussion in emails to destroy same.

No mention of Hillary’s closest aide being exposed as a Saudi-MuslimBrotherhood spy and activist. No mention of the disaster of Hillary as Secretary of State in the Middle East and North Africa, of Hillary’s direct involvement in the creation of, funding of, arming of, training of, supplying intelligence to, supplying air support to (including the RAAF), even supplying helivac dust-offs to… wait for it…. ISLAMIC STATE!

No mention of Hillary’s highest campaign donors and Clinton Foundation largest ‘donors’ also being the largest financial and arms supporters of Islamic State.

No mention of the huge disparity in rally attendance numbers where Trump’s crowds outnumber Hillary total attendances on a week by week and monthly basis by five or six to one.

No mention of front lawn signs across surburban and rural America where Trump signs outnumber Hillary signs by hundreds, possibly thousands to one, and where ‘Hillary for Prison’ signs outnumber the pro-Hillary signs by a huge margin.

No mention of the Clinton Foundation child sex scandal now overtaking the entire FBI investigation of the Clintons, Congress and the ruling elite. You involved too Rupert?

No mention of the digital voting fraud that is programmed into the voting machines, which happen to be largely owned or provided by George Soros associated companies.

No mention of the alleged collusion of Obama and Hillary in espionage, treason, massive fraud of all kinds, a trail of murders, one of a supreme court judge mention in leaked emails as ‘wet works,’ another of a Democrat campaign worker who increasingly looks like a major leaker of the WikiLeaks published emails.

No mention that key past FBI agents, Federal Prosecutors, Judges and Attorney Generals are openly describing the Clintons as a ‘mafia crime family.’

No mention of a massive co-ordinated US Intelligence agency effort to expose all this corruption and criminal behaviour to the American people via wikiLeaks and DC Leaks.

No mention that Trump is one to seventeen percent up on Clinton even in Clinton biased polls rigged to show Clinton leading or marginally competitive.

No mention that selection criteria of poll respondents is twenty percent higher for Democrats in order to show Clinton positively, when her name stinks in America.

Who writes this garbage? We the people can get the actual, verifiable news from bona fide sources that cuts out the HerladSun and other arms of the Clinton crime family media, now known as Clinton Network News. Anna Calwell is reporting from the US. This should be obvious to her, unless she is writing to promote Hillary Clinton’s ‘big steal.’
Murdoch is obviously preparing Australia for a result that will enable the steal via compromised voting machines, dead people registered and always voting Democrat, non citizens voting, people voting multiple times, busing in interstate paid Demcrat vote theives to vulnerable states, and so on; all in this supposed home and exemplar of Democracy.

I doubt the HeraldSun will publish this as it is too contradicting of Rupert’s support for a huge criminal conspiracy that took America over years ago. Rupert Murdoch’s snout is in the trough with the rest of them. Keith Murdoch, as a real journalist and 4th estate publisher must be spinning in his grave. What an indictment of the state of current mainstream media. But this article will be published on the Internet and there more eyes will see it than among the Melbourne HeraldSun’s writer fools supporting Hillary, a person under very serious criminal investigation AGAIN!

‘The New 4th Estate – The People curently with Freedom of Speech’

Geoff Ross