Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is calling BS on the line that Hitlery and her flying monkeys are trying to sell regarding her health generally and specifically her “medical episode” on 9/11.

According to Dr. Jasser, “As an internist I do this every day, and pneumonia is a disease that presents not only with cough, but fevers, chills, and other things. What she had was a syncopal episode (fainting). She passed out. That’s either cardiovascular or neurologic.

Now, her team wants us to believe it is dehydration. She didn’t appear to be dehydrated and that doesn’t get fixed in 90 minutes.

So I can tell you that it really appears and if I let a patient with the condition of syncope (fainting) leave my office, and not get admitted, and get evaluated immediately, that would be malpractice. So there’s something going on.”