By Thomas Madison

The Top 5 Reasons DC Elites Are Shaking In Their Guccis Over The Prospect Of A President Trump

1. Trump is an outsider. He is not a part of the establishment political machine. Those in the political establishment are not his friends. In fact, he considers the establishment political machine his enemy, because it is! It is the enemy of anyone who is self-employed, from Joe the Plumber to The Donald. It is also the enemy of every American who is not a part of the establishment political machine, which is 99.9999999% of us.

2. Donald Trump is a patriot! He is as real as real gets. No phony baloney, no hedging. Just a genuine love for his country, which is clear in all that he says. There is no stammering when he is answering a question. He answers directly and honestly, and if you don’t like the answer, that is your problem. The problem for the political elite is that the American people do like his answers. In fact, they overwhelmingly love his answers, to which his skyrocketing poll popularity attests.

3. The Donald is beholden to no one! While the establishment politicians court K Street lobbyists for a little ass-kissing campaign coin, to be repaid with special interest favors, Trump does not play that game. He does not need their money. He does not want their money. They make him sick, just as they make all red-blooded American patriots sick. He can easily fund a presidential campaign that no other politician can compete with, and have billions left over.

4. Trump despises political correctness. He doesn’t have a politically correct bone in his body. Well, maybe one. Like all conservatives who are not in the empty suit career parasite class, The Donald finds the sickening beltway preoccupation and convention of political correctness repulsive. And it’s another game he refuses to play. He doesn’t care if you are black, white, Chinese, Mexican, gay, or disabled, you cross him and you are fair game. Charles Krauthammer recently remarked that Trump is “a rodeo clown,” to which The Donald replied, I am being called names “by a guy that can’t buy a pair of pants? Give me a break!”

5. Many of the current political players in DC could find themselves in hot water, maybe prison. The shameless corruption that has become standard business practice in Washington is obvious. Well-hidden, but obvious. Why else would faux conservatives like McConnell and Boner escort every Obama initiative through Congress, leaving the American people stunned and helpless to defend our once great nation against these venal scumbags? I imagine Donald Trump’s choice for Attorney General being Trey Gowdy, or a pit bull patriot like Gowdy. Oh, there would be hell to pay amongst the treasonous louts who have been leading America right over a cliff!