A favorite pastime of the liberal beltway parasites who populate America’s cultural capital cesspool is poking conservative politicians in the eye, even when the source of their sport is fake news.

“While (fake) news organizations are quibbling over how to deal with Donald Trump‘s alleged affinity for “golden showers,” a local Washington restaurant has whipped up a Golden Showergate special. Behold, the Golden Showers Burger, a collaborative special from Community diner in Bethesda and local food writer Nevin Martell,” reports the Washingtonian.

“Per Martell, the patty is ‘drenched with self-tanning cheddar and yellow mustard leaking down the sides, and topped with a very small pickle.’ It also comes with a tall glass of lemonade and a lemon-glazed doughnut for an ‘unforgettable happy ending.’

The combo meal is currently available by request only for one day only, Jan. 11, and goes for $20. For every one sold, the restaurant will donate $5 to Planned Parenthood Action.

‘The thought that we could have fun with it and have the money go to a good cause was a win-win,’ says Martell. 

Food porn never tasted so good.”

And what better cause to forward the proceeds of the food porn venture to than a repulsive baby-killing operation? Since President-elect Trump’s vow to defund Planned Parenthood, the murder-for-hire organization is begging for private money to fund their demonic endeavor.