Republican Congressman Dave Joyce has seen the now infamous FISA memo Republicans are working hard to release to the public and which Democrats are trying so hard to prevent.

The highly publicized document is “deeply disturbing,” so “disturbing to the point of making me sick,” claims the Ohio Republican congressman.

Every day there is a new scandal related to the huge mega-scandal┬ácentered around the corrupt Democrat Party, aided by the FBI and media, wiretapping candidate Trump’s campaign, and continuing what now appears to be clearly illegal surveillance after Trump was elected, all in an effort to remove him from office.

Today’s new scandal involves five months of missing text messages between FBI agents Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page. Hopefully, those obviously damning text┬ámessages can be retrieved from other sources. I believe all federal electronic data is backed up in the cloud, presuming that the texts were transmitted from and/or received by government-issued phones.

I believe that President Trump should immediately order Jeff Sessions to order federal marshalls to raid the offices of all parties involved in this mess from the FBI and DOJ to the Democrat Party and complicit members of the media before any more of the evidence disappears in this massive criminal conspiracy that makes Watergate look like a parking ticket.

UPDATE: What a coincidence. Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, tweeted the following about an hour after I published this article….

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Should President Trump order offices of co-conspirators raided to prevent disappearance of evidence? in Thomas Madison’s Hangs on LockerDome